Stuff we learnt last night

Last night at The Bell, we had a fantastic turn out to what was a night of brand new fresh metal music. I know Ventflow have been going 6 years and all that, but this was their first show in Devizes!

But what did I learn form the night?

1. There’s a fire in the belly of Devizes collective metal heads. With some pretty awesome slam dancing and circle pitting – with no broken speakers or appendages. Brutal, but not violent. Next metal show is… Burials. Sat March 12th.

2. Ed Scott , got totally out manned (his own words!) by two slips of girls, Lauren Todd and Rozie Newman, the brutal duo vocals behind Roads To Nowhere. Don’t be ashamed Ed.

3. There were a lot of noticeable absentee’s considering we were so desperate for some Metal in Devizes, yet we still turned a profit and had an unbelievably good atmosphere! Nice work Devizes, we enhanced our rep to a Swindon band again!

4. That a beefed up version of Abe Juggin’s Metalathon could be swinging via Devizes this year. And despite that and all the music etc Abe’s lack of facial hair WAS THE BIGGEST EXCITEMENT OF THE NIGHT! (we don’t have an up to date picture, so below is an artists impression)


5. And finally, using the side door of the venue worked. This is a boring point, but had to be pointed out, didn’t it??


One thought on “Stuff we learnt last night

  1. JUST read the review for Roads ! only a full calendar year after the event. but still fabulous. Sorry to say that Rozie Newman is no longer in the band but happy to say that they are going from strength to strength in no small part due the encouragement and support of Promoters like Sheer Music. Thank you Kieran Moore, we are so stoked about the video shoot and equally excited about opening your show for Hellbound Hearts and White Knuckle Bride on 31st March. happy days!!!!!

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