A review of Saturday 12th of February

Morning all
So who came to the Bell By The Green on Saturday?
Well I sure did and what a night of fantastic heavy metal madness!!!
I will start of by saying, what a metal scene we have in D-town!
The night kicked off with Lux Aeterna who are from Frome and it was their first gig!
They got the crowd going with their melodic metalcore, and dropped a few covers by Bullet for my Valentine and Atreyu.
For their 1st gig I was surprised how tight and lively they are – all in all a triumphant first gig.

Next up were Roads to Nowhere who have two front ladies, whish everyone including myself were a little intimidated by.
Their sound is influenced by bands such as Bring me the Horizon / Parkway Drive.
This band turned up the heavy with gutteral roars and blast beats including breakdowns that could crush Optimus Prime they are ones to watch!!!

Next on stage where the ever improving Blood Legacy
This band bring the old school death metal vibe with a thrash influence
With a front man in Joe Ollerhead who not only has the range to deal with such extremities
but also has the charisma to appeal to masses, Blood legacy are possibly up there with the best bands in the local scene.
These four gents are as heavy as they come and are getting even more brutal!!

Now to the Swindon based legends Ventflow. Having seen them before I knew what to expect and these guys bring it!!
With a new front man in tow who is a massive presence on stage, they were as tight as a ants chuff!!
These giants pulverized the crowd and ended the night with a Lamb of God song which got the pit rumbling.
Overall a good night for the metal in Devizes and it was good to see the scene is thriving with new bands.
Next metal gig is on the 12th of March I hope to see everyone in the pit!!!

Abe Juggins


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