I get inundated with requests for gigs on a daily basis, and only a very small few actually make it all the way to the stage. It could be fair to say there is a type of band, or more specifically a type of person I like to work with. I favour local people and I favour the youth too.

Recently I have been using The Lamb gigs as a way of pushing my own boundaries, giving types or styles of music an opportunity that I might not of otherwise given. It helps that Sally (Lamb landlady) is so supportive, and that I can get away with 10 acts over 4 hours on 2 stages once a month. I get lot’s of opportunities to try new things, and if something doesn’t work, it’s no biggie. And since these shows are free cum-charitable donation, there’s no risk for punter or promoter.

One recent act that passed through Devizes was a rapper named Simon Partington aka LIVEO, from Chippenham. I liked Simon instantly since he and his band took the effort to come to a show that wasn’t their own, even if it was to see if it was worth bothering with, it was still a nice gesture. He happened to quite like some of the music I was promoting too, in this case Ben Marwood. So he clearly had good music taste too.

Anyway I digress… LIVEO have reached the regional finals of national battle of the bands style event, Live and Unsigned, on the 19th of March, which you can read about here. Live LIVEO is more than just a rapper, but also a live guitarist and bassist, and I’m sure over time will continue to develop further, I can’t see how it won’t.

More in the way of local acts who are doing well in their endeavours are Blood Legacy, who on the 23rd of March are competing to play Bloodstock at Riff’s Bar in Hook (Near Swindon). The battle of the bands style event is called “Metal to the masses” and is operating across the county (I’ve just been reading about it on Plymouth’s White Rabbit venue website too!) and I guess there will be regional finals again for that? Blood Legacy will have stiff competition from the likes of At The Helm, but I think they got the nuts to make the most of it, judging on their recent performances!

What I’m basically saying is, it’s nice to know some of the bands I feel I’m taking chances on sometimes are also highly thought of else where too, and that is a good feeling. If your passionate about what you do, and do it with honesty and a little bit of zeal, then you won’t go far wrong.


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