Indie Indie Indie + new single release.

Every decade or so a band comes along, redefines the genre and produces a slew of like like bands, attempting to recreate that sound. Along the way we get some great tunes, videos, bust ups and brawls. Good times.

For me, Oasis reinvented indie for my generation, delivering where Stones Roses couldn’t, and are 100% to blame for the slew of shit that followed. Step forward Smaller et al. At the beginning of the naughties we had The Libertines who again reinvented the sound, with much better follow up results and bands.

For the next decade we have the techy guitar noodle of FOALS. This is what I’m talking about. Their guitar style in my opinion is unique and fresh for the mainstream, and we’re starting to see the fall out of this new popular sound.

To celebrate this, I’m putting on not one but TWO nights of new indie bands, Tomorrow (facebook page here) we bring a bunch of bands in the former camp of 90’s / naughties indie and in April (facebook page here) we’re bringing you so more forward thinking music.

These are exciting times for our young local scene. I know some people have wanted dedicated nights to a style of music, and here I am again, delivering my promise. We’ve had pop punk, we’ve had metal, now we got the indie!

Support your local scene and vote with your feet!

On this note of new and exciting indie, I am starting my own indie record label, in the vein of say, Big Scary Monsters started etc and will be pressing some CD’s up to celebrate SAILORS. Their début single will be available at the end of March, and you will be able to pick up a copy – here. The EP itself will / is available for download anyway, but this EP represents MY love for the physical copy and a desire to see our local acts / scene producing the goods, proper like.

Next Gig


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