Sheer teams up with the new generation!

I am proud to inform you good musical people of Wiltshire that as of NOW, Sheer Music has teamed up with promoter type people in both Trowbridge AND Pewsey, and created a larger umbrella of promotions.

Matt Seaborne, guitarist in Make Believe Me, has joined the fold and allowed me to help promote his shows, so now you will be able to find his event’s under the Sheer Music events tab on Facebook. Matt typically promotes at Pewsey’s “Shack” where he is doing a Punk Vs. Metal gig very soon, but Matt’s first show as part of Sheer is his “Subject Matter” show on April 16th at The Lamb, Devizes. Full details can he found HERE.

Also getting involved is Lily England-Jones who is running her own gig on April 16th in Trowbridge’s Village Pump rooms, at The Lamb, which you can check out – Here too. This show is also April 16th.

Finally Elliott Sykes, also of Trowbridge, is putting on a fantastic night of underground music on April 23rd, also at The Lamb / VIllage Pump rooms. You can check that out also on facebook.

This is a massive step forward I think, as it put’s all the local shows in one place, making it easy to keep tabs on, and also get’s all the fan’s in one place so it’s easier for us to promote our shows. We’re all pulling in the same direction, and fingers crossed means we won’t clash dates too much, or bands – helping keep things fresh and interesting!

In return for being part of the Sheer Group, and inviting their friends and fans to join in, Kieran Moore is delivering Press Releases to papers and online blogs and forums – this is actually taking up alllllll my music “working time” right now! Do keep an eye on The Gazette if you live in Trowbridge, as the first of these press releases will be out a week next Thursday, in time for Lily’s gig!


Not only am I trying to open up the scene to more people, but I need more people to be involved. If you live in trowbridge / Pewsey, I need your pic’s and reviews from those shows – so we can upload to our facebook and get printed in the papers. (Full credit’s acknowledged)

So please please, get in touch if you want to be a part of this bright new local scene future, and I’ll give you more details regarding reviews, photo’s or flyer design!

If your reading this, and want to help but your not sure how – simply invite appropriate people you think will want to keep up to date with the local scene to the Sheer Music Facebook page!

PHEW, glad that’s over – here’s a nice pic of Matt Seaborne rocking out, presumably at The Shack. Thanks for your help!



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