Sailors and Sheer release debut EP’s

I am proud to announce that I have successfully released my first physical release for Sailors, their début EP which was released last week, simply entitled Sailors.

The CD is a 3 track waltz through arty, mathy, pop rock territory and is ruddy excellent. You can download for free, and purchase the physical copy through the bands Bandcamp at

The Bandcamp and artwork were designed by Julie Morris, and I wish to thank her for her excellent work, professionalism and dedication to my project, she has been wonderful to work with! Chack out her other work at –, she has done some wonderful stuff, it’s amazing she hasn’t been picked up by a design company yet!

Thanks also goes out to Bath college student and design newbie, Sally Palmen, from Trowbridge. Who designed the on body CD logo for the band, you’ll have to buy the CD to see it, but it’s wicked!

Finally thanks to Vicky Scipio for all the pictures, and time spent sifting through them and editing them! Chack out her work at You always make the shows look good and exciting!

You can keep tab’s on the bands reviews and various bit of press and links from the tab on the right hand side!

Thank you to EVERYONE who comes to the shows, buy’s the CD’s, take pictures or just gets involved. I really love doing this, and making the town some where exciting to live! Thank You All So Much!

Design C - Julie Morris,



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