Gig reviews / Radio Interviews / Video Shoots – it’s all happening!

Where to begin?

We’ve had a crazy time of it recently – last Friday’s Beer Festival at The Southgate with old friends set up a great weekend and beyond.

Saturday night in Trowbridge saw Sailors play with Devon (not Wales…) stalwarts Stations In The Valley, who seemed to have a fantastic time, despite hitting the stage at *gulp* midnight!. I gave them a Sailors CD’s and press clippings to show what we did for the show. Hopefully they’ll come back sometime.

Lloyd Jermy from Trowbridge took some great pictures of the night which you can see on his Flickr. Thanks Lloyd! There is a review in The Wiltshire Times, Weekend supplement too, approximately page 5… though I haven’t read it yet!

Sunday was my own night proper, with Kentish bands Who’s Driving? Bears Driving! and Underline The Sky, who tore it up at The Bell By The Green with local drama heroes Story Cut Short, who again improved and upped their game. Seriously exciting Devizes band there.

Special credit has to go to openers Smile, Look Alive, for playing their first gig. Though all experienced, one member of the band hadn’t performed live before, and as débuts go, any band will struggle to better that whole experience! They also bought a humongous amount of people AND will be hitting the Bell’ again in June, slightly higher up the bill. Expect them to headline around Christmas – yes that’s how far ahead I plan!

There is a review of this gig in The Gazette this week, page 5 of the ‘Weekend’ supplement. Many thanks to Simon Faulkner and Alison Philips for their continued and unwavering support! It is duly noted!

Monday was a day of well earned rest, spent in front of a BBQ and drinking pimms, Tuesday was the big come down – back to work, depressed as hell.

So Wednesday turned up and brought with it a whole bunch of fun – Simon Partington, from LIVEO interviews me for BBC Radio Bristol (I awaited to be corrected) as part of his music course? (again I await to be corrected) It was specifically about Hip Hop in the area, and after 3 takes spanning a couple of hours, we got a version nailed that was good enough to air – Link’s etc will be available when it’s ready to air, I’m pretty sure I manage to fake it through… I also got to name drop Chip Daddy, Liveo, Frank Turner AND Ben Marwood. Phew.

Finally, Wednesday evening and with dusk in the air I head out with Simon Goodman, good friend and camera enthusiast who went to film Seend singer songwriter Audrey Aroha Tietz. We spent 2 or 3 hours driving around Gore Cross / West Lavington finding a discreet, quaint Cottage, covered in trees all idyllic, fresh and sun speckled to shoot a few takes of her song ‘Tea and Honey’ – when the video’s up, there will be links and stuff. Listen out for background sounds of ducks and waterfalls. Yes it really was like that!

So looking forward to doing NOTHING Saturday, Sunday and again Monday, that’s after Friday night’s Sabbath tribute band at The Vic…



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