Introducing, Audrey Tietz

Audrey Tietz, the artist formally known as Audrey Aroha Tietz, has recently made a wee music video for her song “Tea and Honey”.

Recorded by the very charming and able Simon Goodman, somewhere very secluded in the village of West Lavington last week. The video is 3 minutes of blissfully charming mellow acoustic, complete with the natural sound of bird song. You can check the video now up on her Youtube channel and other such sites.

The video suits the song perfectly, with the location lending to the natural feel and nature to Audrey’s voice and style. All those background sounds are real, there’s no technical interference at all. Well done to Simon for capturing something so perfect.

She has recently recorded a 4 track EP, which will be available in due course, via the usual distribution channels, all you have to do is go click LIKE on her facebook page, to keep up to date.

Here’s the video for your oral enjoyment.


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