Sheer Music (m)eats Fantasy Radio

Fantasy Radio, the Devizes based radio station has re-launched for August on frequency 87.9fm. They air for the whole of August, whilst applying for their full time broadcasting licence.

In order to obtain said licence they have to for-fill an awful lot of criteria, and one of the things we at Sheer Music are going to do is give Fantasy a real LOCAL focus.

Starting THIS SATURDAY the 6th of August former co-promoter Matthew Corbett, will be presenting his show, Matthew And Friends, a 2 hour show starting around 7 / 8pm, and finishing around 10pm.

I Kieran Moore will be Matthews first guest, providing him with the local round up on Devizes, and our local scene.
I’ll be providing Matthew with a lot of local music, so if you’ve every had anything to do with me in the past year or so, don’t worry you’ll be in the mix. I’ll even try and get it over the PA in the Lamb 😉

There will be a guest interview with Sailors front man and sticksman, Alex Share and Henry Cox, respectively, who will be discussing their new EP, which Matthew will play, along with a live acoustic session from Georgie Vale too! (Georgie to be confirmed)

Add into the mix local film buff, Phil Hardy BA, who will be giving us a run down on local cinema and films, along with Matthews eclectic taste in music this really is a exciting prospect for out local music scene.

Over the coming four Saturdays in August, there will be a massive theme developed, with some great talking points coming up (3d Cinema, edge of your seat live sessions, streaming of a live event etc) so please please, start your Saturday night out with a little listen to Matthew And Friends and Get Involved!


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