Luke De-Sciscio + Audrey Aroha Tietz team up on record!

Handsome Swindon / Bath based singer song writer type, Luke De-Sciscio has teamed up with the loveable folky type and Seend starlet Audrey Aroha Tietz to take on Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser’s beautiful song All Flowers In Time.

On paper that’s quite a challenge they have set them selves, thank god then both have been gigging hard across the West recently, with appearances at B Festival and Seend Folk Festival booked in, along with numerous shows in venues in the area under their belts to back it up.

You can check out their collaboration via Luke’s official Soundcloud, here.

Luke how ever also has a number of free downloads worthy of checking out, specifically Somewhere God Can’t Follow and When Your heart Is Free also from his Soundcloud, via these links, God and Heart.

We can’t rate these two highly enough – both have really classic, strong vintage vibes about their sound. Definitely drawing influences from the past and giving it a modern, attractive face. You can check out a wee Youtube video below – enjoy.


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