Great Cheverell Party At The Pavillion – REVIEW

For all those NOT going to Reading, there was a wee jealousy cure in Great Cheverell last night (Sunday 28th August) – The good people of the Cheverell’s organised a HUGE outdoor event of live music and frolics all in the good name of charity, Cancer Research UK specifically.

I often either attend, organise or hear about Charity events, but rarely hear what financially, was actually raised – we have addressed this at my Lamb shows, with a big weekly poster in the venue with the figure – but for this event I can confirm from ONE DAYS worth of stalls, buckets, raffle sales and food etc the event raised over £3000!!! A colossal amount I’m sure you will all agree!

Anyway, the event itself was an absolute cure for boredom, festival jealousy and a fantastic way to get drunk in a public space. SRA Productions loaded in the PA at 9am and we quit the site at 1am Monday morning – a 16 hour shift that took in 9 live acts, including a mammoth, nearly 2 hour set set from “the villages” based covers band, FISH.

The day was opened by Salisbury college band I’M DESIGNER whose indie punk greatly reminds me of Pixies, probably mostly due to the indie screech of vocalist Max Shambles. They were on top form for 3 songs, at which point they broke a string, and down a guitar only ventured on for a further 2 songs and called it quits. They left us wanting more.

The shy and retiring BOB McCARTNEY stepped up second, his guitar, banjo and acapella was a true inspiration. He was incredibly nervous despite being in his 50’s and one would assume road worn, yet he had no reason to be with one of the best first impressions I’ve ever had.

Liverpool acoustic duo THE ORDINARY were up next, duel guitars and vocals were the order of the day – it was neatly performed, with a couple of their own songs really standing out alongside a few choice covers.

JAMIE COUPE was up 4th, and draws the largest crowd thus far. This guy is currently turning a lot of heads locally, each and ever set building on the last and today was no exception. His unique voice complementing his guitar skills. Some shrewd cover decisions working in his favour won him some more fans. Keep an eye on this lad, his next show in Saturday 10th September, at The Lamb in Devizes.


THE CHEVERELLITES – Only the second band of the day, local musicians play a solid set, with the stand out performance of their harmonica player playing the set of his life!

THE RIVERMEN, Assirati senior preceding Assirati junior as a 2 piece with an acoustic bass guitar – not have much experience of those live, but worked excellently well up on stage with the mellow, folky, 60’s hippie vibe going down well with the now well watered (drunk) crowd. Again, check these out September 10th at The Lamb, Devizes.


YEAR OF THE THIEF. It was a busy week for the indie band, who played an acoustic session the night before for Devizes Fantasy Radio, introduced new guitarist Sam, played their first live set with him too and no less had this gig recorded too! The largest crowd so far, the boys had the audience up and dancing! In band jokes mainly aimed at bassist Caleb, due to the looming, International Abuse a Bassist Day, and again, their name is becoming local folk lore – their next show is THIS Friday 2nd September, Bell By The Green, Devizes.


THE ELVIS SHOW – You simply can’t go wrong with a good Elvis tribute, and we didn’t here. The look was 100% spot on, the sound bang on the crowd response = bespoke. Trails of children and girls followed Elvis around, his quips with the crowd bringing belly full of laughs from the clearly pissed audience – it would of been a suitable end if it were not for…

PURPLE FISH finish the night in emphatic style – tossing out near perfect cover after cover – at one point had my jaw on the ground when their front woman hit, and held the perfect note. Coupled with an amazing lighting display courteously of Simon Stockley from S.R.A. Productions, their set held out for nearly two hours, with never a drop in what felt like a climax of a set throughout.


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