First Night Success!

After “installing” (if you can call it that) the speakers fully, and racked up the outboard and amps, it was left to Ben Keen to last night engineer the first of our permanent in-house gigs at The Lamb, in Devizes.

We have spent considerable time and effort turning the place into a good looking, intimate venue and Bath’s The Doubtful Guest opened up proceedings beautifully with and hour and a half set consisting of début album Volume 2 and new album Salvation, going down incredibly well with the very busy crowd.

A big unfortunate shout out going to Vicky Scipio who was injured and unable to take the pictures of the night, but fingers crossed she will be fighting fit for October 1st, where we will unveil the venue properly to everyone.

Anyway, it was another plethora of quality music on showcase last night, The Haiku came to promote new single “To The Night” Monday morning, through iTunes and all the usual places – The band who have played Devizes before, came on second on after opener, Lucy Brown, to mix it up a little – unfortunately I didn’t manage to make it pay off, as the band started with a sparse crowd. Things picked up by the end with a full room and the good times flowing.

The previously mentioned Lucinda (So Facebook says) Brown made her solo début, with guitar and everything, and despite a few nerves made a decent enough job of an opening slot – we’ll probably be seeing more of her locally in the future. But it was local band, Salute The Magpie who had the first big crowd of the night, and played one of their best sets yet for me, pleasing their devote friends and fans.

In the front bar, things went swimmingly. Débutante Henry Bristow lined up, and with a tender age of 21, he played an enigmatic set with a voice more of a mature 40 year old. He had presence and confidence and it showed, we will see him again at the 12 Bands of Christmas gig!

A large gap between the next act, as Swindon based _MOTHS didn’t turn up! So it was left to Jamie Coupe to get things going again. He believe it or not is only 16! Equally as impressive. He opened up with a cover of an Oasis song, which we managed to calculate at being 1 year younger than he was… This lad is picking shows up left right and centre, and I truly believe we are going to watch a real talent develop in front of our own eyes – so do keep checking out his shows.

The evening was finished off in style with ex-hippie / child of the revolution, Pete Assariti – a guitar teacher and figure head of the local music scene combined. He played a set of original material which was so well written and performed, it was a wonder he is only playing a wee pub. The maturity and honesty in the lyrics are fantastic and he has a top notch voice too. He is probably considered too old for it all, but he finished off in style with a slow cover of Dexy’s Come On Eileen, which was proper fantastic. Well done Sir!

A huge thank you to Ben Keen, who did an excellent job of engineering the night, his first I am led to believe on his own for me!

Please check out The Dollrats who are our guest head liners on October 1st, their singer Luke De-Sciscio plays in Swindon on Wednesdayopening for My FIrst Tooth, so you know you’re in quality company!



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