End of “band” music at The Lamb?

I had terrible news today, our last show, September 10th with the Doubtful Guest was “monitored” from a neighbour’s house. A house actually adjacent to The Lamb – a room which actually backs into the function room no less. And we’ve been told we are too loud.

This is a massive blow to our shows, as we have been told to knock all “band” gigs pretty much on the head. This isn’t an issue levelled at just us, but the pub itself. Their jukebox has been criticized, the daytime band rehearsal space has been cancelled, all doors and windows have to be shut at all times.

I cannot state how much this destroys me. I have literally just picked up our backdrop, picked up the lights from Dave Young, ordered the multicore… a lot of money has been sunk into this in the hope over a period of months we will recoup it, that we can create a safe haven for live music, in the best of environments, all of which has been achieved – we were just getting there, only for it to all be taken away by one persons complaint.

By this token, it is even more vital you support SATURDAYS gig with Jim Lockey & Saturday 15th with HYSTERICAL INJURY, as these will be the last two bands to play the venue.

We will still be continuing with live music in the front bar, how ever if you are in a band and are booked to play with me, I will be sending you polite emails explaining the situation again, and likely cancelling your performance. The reason to strip back to just acoustic basically means we can still continue with shows – otherwise we would have to cancel the venue all together.

A huge sorry to you all



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