FAO Local bands – New way in 2012…

I have the displeasure to announce that MIDDLE FINGER SALUTE can’t make tomorrow’s show, due to the agent who booked them in, didn’t actually represent them, and hence the band knew nothing about the show. Words fail. I did have my suspicions, and I did address them, and had my fears quelled. In the end they still turned out to be true.

But let’s move on…

In 2011, I have promoted 11 shows at The Bell By The Green, 3 of those have had head-liners cancel on me, this is not a good ratio. Maximum shame goes to Out Like A Lion who freaked after MOK cancelled, only to pull out them selves and leaving me with a £125 PA bill. Burials whose band members had other shows on elsewhere and finally Middle Finger Salute.

I have decided it is not the best use of my time to organise shows in this manner, and so will be actively following a new way of promoting.

Calvin Arnold pointed out recently he wanted his band to do a show, where THEY made the money from the show to pay for recording etc – which typically I wouldn’t do as I would be bringing in tours which would eat up the money.

So, I’m suggesting working with local bands like Calvin Arnolds newie or Conor McEniry’s début band, Ash Clarks new band with Mat Steelyard and which ever band Joe Duxburry finally gets off the ground – and organising shows around them so they make the profit or potential losses and have a say in the line up – What I am suggesting is I will effectively promote the show, organise Facepages via sheermusic, produce flyers, production + distribution, listings and press releases etc and the band actually take a positive role in bringing people to the shows, as they see a financial return on it. (and also run their own door!)

This would stop me organising shows to 50 people, of which a dozen claim to be “roadies”, and don’t bother to stay to watch the head liners. (note this doesn’t happen much, it just bothers me when it does!)

So how about it? I promote what you organise – leaving you with all the responsibility?

Note, this doesn’t effect my own shows at The Lamb, because the set up is completely different.


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