Re: The Lamb.

A few weeks ago, unbeknown to Sally or I at The Lamb, one of our shows were monitored for noise pollution. The show was The Doubtful Guest on 10th September, and the many that came will agree it wasn’t a particularly loud show, being a country band and all.

A following Tuesday (approx 20th September) Sally received a letter outlining a grievance that had been upheld by a neighbour, detailing the nature of the complaint, the letter included a problem with a light being switched on all night. Apparently it buzzed. The noise in question is has to be noted is not specifically noise linked to Live Music, but general noise of the pub and the juke box. We had previously shut all doors and windows of an evening in an attempt to keep the noise in.

During the Jim Lockey show last Saturday, the 1st of October, we had a phone call asking us to turn down, which we did – this gig ended at the very reasonable time of 10.45.

Sally has since been given written warning to cease all music at The Lamb.

I want to make it clear that said complainant had previous been quite happy with the noise levels for the past 6 years of me doing shows and since the change of landlord, it was only until the sale of her house fell through did these things become an issue.

This is a huge blow to all the promoting I have done for The Lamb, and general gigs and acts in our town. It’s a huge slap in the face of all the people who have either enjoyed a gig here or performed. Quite frankly you could be wasting your time and lives doing drugs, instead of something far richer and creative.

I can honestly say, all the people I meet through my gigs are my friends and outside of the shows, I have a very small group of friends. Music binds us!

On a financial note, I have invested time and money sat in front of a computer generally trying to promote our acts, our venue our events, not just at The Lamb, but across Devizes. I’ve spent money on new equipment, which until the last 2 years had been paid for by the shows, but has since come from my pocket – the posters are printed at my cost, and distributed in my time.

All the associated things I am linked with could suffer, for example Devizes Festival, for whom I provide promotion expertise, PA hire and actually organise and stage manage gigs for. Fantasy Radio, who we were working close with to create sessions for our local and touring acts. Any young person who wanted a level playing field and a genuine scene to play in, with people who give a fuck.

I plan to contest the ban, via some important advice from Jon Gale of Dtees, who used to chair some council related meetings, and ask that the ban be lifted and that only unreasonable noise to be stopped. ie. the Live BANDS.

We have been told by all accounts that we can continue with live bands if the venue is fitted with double glazing, but with 3 double sash windows in a listed building, this is more of an unhelpful, almost malicious retort.

So as of Right Now, the gigs are cancelled, how ever I am working on it right now to get the acoustic ones reinstated, so will approach said acts in due course.

However it currently does look bleak for the bands, but we’ll see what wiggle room we got – as again, I can’t stress enough how much good these shows do for all concerned and it’s only once every 2 weeks!!


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