Lamb Acoustic reprieve…

After much bar style deliberation, generally shouting lot’s of “Yrrr” a bit like the House Of Commons, it was decided by The Lamb faithful that we should still do the gigs, as long as we can keep it acoustic and keep it in the front bar.

I’m not 100% sure how legal this is, as Sally has been approached officially, but we look set to run the November 4th show with Jim Blair from Hip Route, and see how it goes. We all have a feeling no one is actually going to notice.

So to all those out there willing to support the gigs, and enjoy a little Jack Johnson style, laid back acoustic-groove music, then this night will be well worth a gander!

It’s also perfectly timed if you either don’t like like firework’s or wish to continue the festivities on the 5th of November, as the shows kicks off at around 9pm just after the fireworks in Devizes.

The gig is free entry too, so it won’t cost you a penny!

Lamb Route

Seriously please do come and support this show!


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