Introducing… Audrey Aroha

The artist previous known as Audrey Aroha Tietz has dropped the Tietz from her name. The first in a series of bold moves which will see her change her name again to a modest logo, before returning as The Artist Previously Known As…

This was a wise move, as our lot was always disagreeing how it was pronounced, and on more than one occasion it would of bought blushes to our grandparents, not to mention faux pas on local radio…

Audrey has launch a new Facebook page, you can check it here. Whilst the good people at The Wounded Jukebox are about to release a free digital download through their site for Audrey’s track “I Could Not Feel More Than I Do Now”  which you can listen to below.

Audrey has recorded this song as a duet with her other half, Luke De-Sciscio (what is it with these mid-Wiltshire types & their surnames?) who recently hit the web as guest vocals to Chip Daddy’s Halloween Rap, thus proving his unique appeal and range.

Sheer Music will be providing Audrey with a stage in 2012 at one venue or another in Devizes, so do keep you eye on local listings for your chance to see her perform live.

Audrey Aroha “I Could Not Feel More Than I Do Now”


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