Live gigs Back At The Bell…

I have always enjoyed a topsy turvy relationship with The Bell. When we were going strong and getting over 150 to our shows regularly, we ran into trouble with the occasional under age drinker or the occasional jack the lad sneaking in his own vodka and getting shit faced.

Now I find my self returning to The Bell, after Paul requested us back, and we were left homeless from The Lamb. (where we can’t promote BANDS)

The big change this time round will be our regular Saturday night slot, an improvement from the Friday nights, and as such, we’ll be looking for local people to DJ, so we can do a Club Night after the bands.

Tuesday 10th February, I am loading in the new PA, a vintage Concentric Tannoy system, with Cloud amps. And on Saturday 28th January, I’m test driving it with a Black Sabbath tribute band, and our first after hours club night – any takers on a classic rock n’ roll DJ slot, please Facebook or email me!

I encourage EVERYONE to come and check out our new set up, watch a band for free, mosh to Paranoid and generally start 2012 with a bang.

  The Tannoy stack, featuring twin 1987 Tannoy “Cheetah” bass bins, twin Tannoy midtops rehoused in the Sheer Cabinets and twin Tannoy i12’s on top. All concentric in design too – I can’t wait to hear these fella’s…

Slightly new lay out, giving more space to the band, and less space to the audience, so you’ll have to stand square on to watch, hear + appreciate! Also note the Projector… Chip Daddy 😉

If you want to know more about the Tannoy range, check it out here


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