My planned future of The Lamb…

After reading the letter the Environmental Health people sent Sally at The Lamb, I have taken their advice and changed the speakers round.

I’ve replaced the Tannoy i12’s with Tannoy i8’s – moving down from  12 inch drivers with a range of 200 – 400 watts each (obviously dependent on the amp you couple them with!)  to 8 inch drivers, with a rate of 130 – 260.

We’re using the same amp… an Inter M Series 300 watt,  So I shouldn’t imagine any difference in sound quality. Given that it’s the same series of speaker, I doubt anyone will notice!


I will be leaving the Amp + Speakers in place, like usual – and these are FREE  TO  USE, at time – by anyone!  (Note, this is dependent on the availability of the room at the time + use intended use of the gig – ie. No bands…)

It’s a 300 watt system, which means it’s set up ideally for use with singer song writers / soloists / acoustic + folk, or simple electronica and use with the Projector.

How ever there is still 1 major thing I need to get for the venue permanently, and that’s a mixing desk. Ideally for your ease of use, and the venues, we want a desk suitable to the function, so I’m looking at Notebook style mixing desks (yes even mixing desks come in “notebook” form now) which are easy to use – so easy you could do it, or your mate…

Once we’ve raised some money for a desk, they’re about £40/50,  I’ll be happy to take anybody through using them, they really are very simple.

After that, the world is your oyster!

In an even more ideal world, we would raise enough money for a Microphone(s) – I’m looking at some nice AKG’s, which are very good quality for their price, around £33 each. (the P5’s if anyone’s interested) And on a side note, we have a monitor system in place too!


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