Oxygen Thief announces UK tour w/ Mark McCabe

“From 1st March – 12th March, Oxygen Thief and Mark McCabe are making music in the same following places, on the same days:

Thursday 1st March – The Royal Park Cellars, Leeds
Friday 2nd March – The Garrett, Manchester
Saturday 3rd March – The Bright House, Birmingham
Sunday 4th March – The Mother’s Ruin, Bristol

Wednesday 7th March – The Lamb, Devizes – FREE ENTRY
Thursday 8th March – The Green Park Tavern, Bath
Friday 9th March – The Port Mahon, Oxford
Saturday 10th March –
Sunday 11th March – The Cornerhouse, Cambridge.

Some background information:

Barry and Mark met at a Lexapalooza, where Mark had played a great set that Barry missed due to having to park the car on the other side of Camden. Later that day they chatted, though Barry can’t remember a lot of it as he drank far too much.

A couple of years later they shared a stage in Brighton, which was lovely.

A year or so later still they were going to tour France together, until Mark had to have some emergency surgery on his guitar hand* which put paid to that idea. They did hang out in Paris together a bit though anyway, and possibly saw Jean Michel Roux looking at ready meals in the food section of the Champs Elysées M&S.

This will be the very last tour that Oxygen Thief does with his two lower wisdom teeth intact, before an operation to have them removed due to their growing at an almost perfect 90 degree angle to the rest of his teeth. Future tours will therefore be 50% less wise, let’s enjoy this while we can.”

Mark McCabe spent most of 2011 dashing around Europe, playing with Chris T-T (another act to hit The Lamb later this year) Frank Turner (another act to have played The Lamb in the past) and PJ Bon, who has nothing to do with The Lamb.

I am personally very excited about Oxygen Thief, as I have really got into his sound over the past few releases! There will also be a ultra cool tour poster to go with the tour, so keep an eye out for that. It’s also mooted there will be a free download + video to correspond with the tour – I’ll sure you’ll catch that on the Sheer Facebook page at some point too.


Oxygen Thief live in Manchester (I think)


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