Are gig’s too cheap??

What (probably) started out as simple trolling, descended into a very good, frank and interesting debate about the price of gigs.

Drowned in Sound (DiS) has been a staple of reading for me for the past 7 years, people who seem to be into the scene, or smaller bands, seem to use it a lot – there isn’t a band that’s ever existed in some shape or form that hasn’t graced their site.

So I consider this forum / board to be a good indication of general, popular opinion. Anyway read it here.


From my point of view – I have decided to raise my own ticket price to £5 on the door. with £3.50 online tickets in advance for those who really want to come and can spot a bargain! 😉

£5 represents a realistic fee for the bands on show, with the very marginal chance I could see a return on my costs!

Let me give you an example. Say I Get 50 people paying £5 on the door, that’s only £250. Sounds a lot, but consider the costs – Headliner £100-£150 – that only leaves me with £100-£150 to pay for flyers, PA hire and money for support bands… Posters cost me £10 from Alpha Print (and I get a feather in my cap for staying local). PA last year cost me £70 a night, so we’re looking at £10 – £60 topay supports.

I have recently promised a support band £100 if they can bring 40 people to a gig – that will in tern actually pay for the head liner and their own fee. Fingers crossed we’ll get 80 people, and I’ll pay my costs, and supports too!

Promoting isn’t glamorous, not really. A lot of hard work goes into what any good promoter does. I’m really lucky to have supporting people, landlords and friends involved with what I do.


AS IT GOES…I happen to have a FREE entry show, tomorrow night (Saturday 28th) at The Bell By The Green, Devizes. Do come along and check out an awesome Black Sabbath tribute band. It’ll be great, and what else you going to do on a Saturday night, but rock out – for free?




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