Sheer Music comes of age.

Sorry for such a late update, but I’ve finally gotten over a Crazy weekend.

A week last Saturday (5th Feb) Sheer had our first show at Swindon’s legendary metal venue, The Furnace. It comes rather late, since we’ve promoted and in my case, engineered at every venue Swindon has had to offer. Previous management made it difficult to get in and further back than that – it was so successful with Yankeeboy they didn’t need anyone else.

So delighted was I to 1. be able to offer some friends a replacement show and 2. despite the snow, pull off a thoroughly good gig.

That event cost me well over £500, yet we made a tiny amount after costs and every band went home paid. As far as first gigs go at a new venue they don’t get much better than that.

The following Thursday, again in Swindon, I paid out the largest fee to an act I’ve ever done – and a show that cost well over £600. All told the two shows cost me £1200. What was causing me sleepless nights and desperate acts of promotion ended up being hugely successful.

So if there was a bench mark to say Sheer has come of age, now would be it.


This Saturday we host Hysterical Injury from Bath, who are an amazing act – some thing you really must see – I really hope that this recent purple patch represents the rebirth of live music in Devizes – We don’t have an average night booked for the foreseeable future – I hope you’re all there to witness it!


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