Fantasy Radio / Audrey Aroha / Chip Daddy + more!

Firstly! Well done to Fantasy Radio for launching today, I listened to the breakfast session with Phil Dawson, it was an excellent mix of music – and firmly put the nail in Heart FM’s coffin. Where else could you request They Might Be Giants, and get away with it? They also gave shout outs to 100’s of people – awwww, now that’s a personal touch Heart can’t match!

Secondly, Audrey Aroha from Seend came to Fantasy HQ on Monday and recorded a session, which will be aired on TOMORROWS instalment of Matthew Corbett & Friends, cuming (sic) in your ears  between 7 and 10pm. The session will feature a wee interview with me, along with local music from local musicians – updates on all the musical goings on in Devizes – and there is a lot of them! Along with some chat about Films and some underground cool national music. What more could you want?!

There is also a lot more sessions to come, featuring The Souperstars, Clare Kearley, Pete Assirati and Jamie Coupe among others!

Thirdly, CHIP DADDY has announced a new show in Devizes on March 16th – check out the Facebook page for more info. I’m meeting Jamie tomorrow to go through his big ideas – those boys don’t do anything by half! It’s sure to be a spectacle.

Finally – Oxygen Thief’s UK tour with Mark McCabe comes through town on Wednesday night (7th March) it’s FREE entry, and will feature the very best in underground music. Oxygen Thief aka Barry Dolan, has a new MP3 to give away from his bandcamp on Monday 5th March. Mark McCabe spent time last year touring Europe with Chris T-T and Frank Turner, of which is some video footage below. Audrey Aroha plays slap bang in the middle of them. Ooh eeer!

PS – Still stuff in the pipeline regarding Hillworth Park, Devizes Festival Showcase, Chas And Dave, Tankus The Henge AND the Rowdeford Rocks event in July all to come  – this is an exciting time to be in Devizes!!


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