Next Fantasy session + Devizes gig!

Monday night I shall be meeting with the team behind ROWDEFORD ROCKS – little is yet known about this Festival, but over the coming weeks there’ll be loads of blogs, twitter and facebook stuff to check out, and keep up to date with! Do keep your eyes peeled on the local press for opportunities for bands to play.

Tuesday night will see the recording of the next Matthew Corbett and Friends session, where we have Salisbury epic rockers THESE DAYS in session. Along with Bath college music student HANNA WEST doing her thing too, although her session won’t be broadcast until just prior to her show in Devizes on April 14th.

Thursday night sees Matthew Corbett himself returning to the Fantasy hot seat with loads more new local music including the first play of Gary Martin’s new drums + bass 2 piece “Observation Deck”

FRIDAY night is a whopping night for Devizes, as the long awaited return of Mexicofallz finally happens at The Bell By The Green. They headline, they have a 45 minute set and will totally fucking blow your tits off. I can’t wait to see them, hang out and have a ruddy epic time. (pop punk + synth + hilarious lyrics + energetic front man = one awesome live experience!)

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