High Fives For Everyone!

Thanks one and all who came last night – shouts out to the guys and girls from Newbury and the lads from Oxford who made the trips down – scene points to you, and obviously big big love to the regulars who I love hanging out with – I wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t for you. *bromance*

There will be an official review coming from a totally unbiased source for The Gazette on Thursday, how ever here are my words…

It was to huge credit that a lass from Newbury said to me “Who are these? I feel like I am missing out” when referring to Hell Death Fury – their inspired decision to include a wicked sounding organ, giving their ska punk / regge a totally new dimension and “roundedness” according to their bassist.

I was surprised to be asked that 1. why weren’t they headlining? and 2. why haven’t you booked them before? – the answer to 2. is, they have played 3 times before in Devizes, once in each of The Bell, The Cavalier and The Corn Exchange and the also played for Ash Clark at The Cavalier over the past few years (remember people, the past-list in the gigs tab!)  which means the answer to 1. is – you never really seemed that caught up in it before – however

Hell Death Fury return to The Bell on the Jubilee weekend, Saturday 2nd June w/ 2 Sick Monkeys & Slagerji. Get your cheap tickets here. So I expect to see a lot of you there for skanking and beer drinking for that celebratory Punk night!

These Days finally made their local début (they’re from Salisbury) after a cancellation late last year – I’ve had been listening to their free 2 track EP non-stop for about 3 months, as their song “Growing Old” has featured at almost every show, along with Matthew Corbett & Friends Fantasy Radio session. So it was to my great dismay they decided not to play it!!

What was cool though, was that they had lush vocal harmonies from effectively two lead singers – A nice tight epic sound, which reminded me of latter day Jimmy Eat World, and totally going against the current grain by having NO breakdowns and NO screams. Well done lads – set pulled off with aplomb, and impressed a few with your genuinely different edge.


How ever, Friday was really only ever about one band. MexicoFALLZ. A huge loss put this tour on the road one last time, to relive some moments and friends. To this end, we had all the cool kids from Bath come down – professionals who produced merch, roadied and took photographs for various bands during Mexicofallz’s previous tours, along with members of bands who had supported them – this was a proper hang out from like minded people, who were all genuine, good scene people. A huge positive vibe filled the event to gang chants and sing-a-longs to the likes of  “Oh Billy” and “Just Coz’ The Shows Over, Doesn’t Mean The Party Ain’t” and others!

For a band who hadn’t played live for nearly 2 years, and who had only a few days worth of practice and gigs under their belts, they were staggeringly good. Frontman Lewis was clearly tired, but then you can’t be that animated and not be!

It was loud, it was manic, it was – all for one and one for all Title Fight style, everyone involved party. Truly memorable stuff.

All in all this show was a dramatic return to form for Sheer, who saw a packed Bell catch some quality live entertainment. Which will be remembered for all the right reasons. Our next Bell show is set to be equally good and possibly busier, with a slightly more local bill, featuring Ex-Devizes but now Bath based Blues Rock Duo BITE THE BUFFALO coming to town. I look forward to it already!


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