Unbelievably good show with Chris T-T…..21/04/2012

I say unbelievably, not because Chris is actually rubbish, or that my shows are typically pants – but it always goes like this – a ton of people promise they’ll be there – the same people who came to the last show, which turned out to be good, but well “below par” for one reason or another, who then decide it’s probably not in their best interests to go out to another show which could be hit or miss, and then pass by an absolutely stone wall stonking success of a gig.

That very thing happened last night, as Chris T-T rolled into town. Chris as many will know is a thoroughly top and decent chap, we actually exchange a good 45 minute chat before we decided time was beginning to press on as the supports were turning up, and we hadn’t even sound checked.

I got the same buzz from Chris being there, and finding out of “on the road” stories, about fellow promoters, support acts, venues, agents, bloggers, fans and the plethora of assorted peoples who hang around shows, that excite me so much about the UK underground, as I did when Frank Turner came to Devizes those few times.

We crammed a room full of good people including – but not limited to – fellow promoters from Swindon, writers at The Ocelot – fans from Salisbury! The show had everything, including a huge audience and atmosphere.

Chris is actually writing a blog about “free entry” shows – and I will absolutely be re-blogging it here, as by all accounts we kicked the arse off Manchester, so for once I can properly sit back, relax and know that Devizes, Sheer Music and everyone involved made a difference.

Caleb Assirati will be providing a review of this show in next weeks Gazette and Herald, and I will be writing my own review on Swindonmusic.co.uk/forum – if anyone wants to read either of our thoughts!

Don’t miss out the next show which is BITE THE BUFFALO at The Bell By The Green, Friday 11th May.


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