Fantasy Radio Sessions – update

The Fantasy Radio sessions for Matthew Corbett & Friends, which are broadcast every Thursday between 7 – 10pm are coming along nicely – you can check out, listen & download all our previous efforts on the official fantasy page – over there…>>>>>> HERE <<<<<.

This Thursday’s session, the 26th April, will feature The Penny Red who recorded last week in Poulshot, with the band in the studio live talking to Matthew, though here is a list of what’s coming up. We have loads of TBC’s so keep you ear’s tuned into to Fantasy Radio + Matthew Corbett to find out who, what, why, where and when.


1st Week Off
8th Salute The Magpie + Chip Daddy
19th for Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun
22nd The Street Orphans + Roads To Nowhere
29nd Week Off


5th Jon Amor (tbc)
19th Austin Shepherd
26th Senor Scorpion


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