Animal themed gig, this FRIDAY

Without actually even realising it until it was pointed out to me, this Friday I have managed to put together a Zoo of a bill for your aural pleasure!

Bath based (ex-Devizes!) classic rock n’ roll duo, BITE THE BUFFALO return to town for only their second show here, after successfully signing to BA1 records, release a stone wall classic EP “Bromigos”, playing the UK’s most Eco-Friendly festival “Penny Farthing” with Tall Ships (where the electricity is generated by the audience on push bikes!) and lining up a whole European tour for the Autumn – there isn’t anything related to the band which isn’t cool!

The Goneos brothers have been long friends of Sheer, since we gave them their first shows as cRimson, Third Idea and I Am Bodhi, it seems the band have finally found their feet, their sound and their ability to make an impression in our hearts and in our minds. To say I’m proud and excited about Fridays show is a massive, Massive understatement.

Equally as happy, I am excited to let lose, the “coming along nicely” and “quickly maturing”, SALUTE THE MAGPIE – who will deliver their tightest and best set to date. After releasing new demo’s on their soundcloud, the excellently titled “Cairo Car Chase” is hinting at all the right sounds, with a more technical approach more akin to Foals than the previous sound of Fratellis.

Delighted I am, that I’ve invited Salute to perform at the Jubilee event on the Green in Devizes on Sunday June 2nd, and then headline the local bands stage at Rowdy Fest on July 21st.

New openers for the night are the Devizes based, classic rock vibe of Led Zepplin infused jams, SENOR SCORPION, who have been honing their craft at The Warehouse Studio’s on Hopton Industrial Estate. It’s by no coincidence that the band are as good as they are, despite playing very few shows, because of their commitment to rehearsals in a top quality venue.

We’re expecting this to be one super night, with the handsome duo up top, and then two very well supported local bands really finalising a bill of quality music, so do get down to catch the openers, and not to miss a second of this event.


8.45 – 9.15 – Senor Scorpion
9.30 – 10 – Salute The Magpie
10.15 – 11 – Bite The Buffalo


One thought on “Animal themed gig, this FRIDAY

  1. Bite the Buffalo, signed band to Daddy Longlegs Records. Europe and America coming up in the summer. Looking forward to the gig!

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