The weekends round up…

Sheesh, I am tired. And I’m up at the crack of dawn to take my son to The May Mile run in Bromham, so he can do this fun run, and I can ply the juicy supple teenage market with flyers for Rowdy fest in July – The work of promoting never stops.

This is a glorious come down after Friday and Saturdays events, which started at The Bell By The Green on the 18th May. York based band, Hellbound Hearts, featuring one time Terrorvision bassist, Danny lambert on vocal duties.

What absolute gents. An pleasure to work with, a pleasure to watch – that whole gig being a roaring success with a fantastic White Knuckle Bride set after nearly a year since their last gig. Absence does make the heart grow fonder and fans more rabid. I always laugh at the lyrics of One Night Only, and possibly feel nostalgic at one night stands. “…She’s OK, but for one night only…”, Cracks me up every time!

Special mention to Burnthru too, who played a blinding set, tight, composed and well executed. I believe we’ve reached a point of professionalism locally now that pretty much all the new bands are working hard on getting it right first time, with people like Senor Scorpion also proving that début shows don’t need to be a daunting, possibly ropey experiences. Friday proved that again with the band nailing it first time. Well done chaps!

Moving swiftly on to Saturday – with the briefest of stops to, you know, sleep + go to work!    I quickly got stuck into Saturdays experience with Xtra Miles’s, “Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun” who came to Devizes on their way to Swindon to record an unplugged session for Matthew Corbett in Poulshot – which was an absolute pleasure to experience. I can’t wait until Thursday to hear it back.

This was followed by shooting to Swindon to engineer their show at The Vic, and gig – which was blinding – and the inevitable Mr Cod.

All round a great weekend, and though my body feels broke after scant sleep, my will is a strong as ever – Thank god for music in Devises, otherwise I wouldn’t have a lot to do.


NEXT SHOW, Saturday 2nd June – 2 Sick Monkeys – Jubilee Punk gig @ The Bell By The Green – chack it out here – Poster to be updated shortly…



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