RESULT! From some of “our” bands…

First of all I would like to encourage this… Rock Shakes. Not new to all you cool kids, but I was rock shakin’ down The Furnace with Deliverence guitarist Mike Brown Saturday night, and rock shakes were the order of the day. A slow motion video exists some where. It looked rad. Rock Shake.

Secondly we have had some rad news from local and favourite what-ever-core crew, Roads To Nowhere, who won the penultimate heat of Live & Unsigned, in Reading.

The part Chippenham / Melksham / Wiltshire band slammed their heat winning “24 Carrot Gold for Most Original band and song” The 5 piece go on to play London’s O2 venue on July 14th in front of 1000’s of people.

We wish to congratulate them and offer them luck in the final – Head over to their facebook page to find out more info – as I’m sure they’ll be organising a mini-bus & day trip out to the show. And it’ll be some thing to witness.

Remember to catch Roads To Nowhere, 3 song unplugged session this Thursday on the Matthew Corbett session for Fantasy Radio, 97fm in mid-Wiltshire or on line at between 7-10pm. Drop in at 8.15 for session specifically.

Talking of things to witness, you need to check this out… After slaying Slam Dunk festival, Devizes / Melksham cum Bath based pop punk hardcore types have landed or just announced a tour with Save Your Breath and A Loss For Words – more pride for bands on our doorstep. And thoroughly deserved for a bunch of lads who never seem to stop working! Well done guys, you’ve done us proud again!


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