Epic Weekend // List of Thank Yous and next set of events!

Wow! An unprecedentedly successful show occurred Friday night in the Corn Exchange, at Devizes Festival Showcase. A huge well done to all the bands who played. I think everyone involved came away with a great deal of achievement from it. I personally couldn’t of been happier with the way it all went. So THANK YOU!

I do have feedback sheets for the battle bands, which will be sent directly later this afternoon!

Saturday night was the Fundraiser for Wiltshire Air Ambulance in Great Cheverell, this too was just insane. Very well attended, superbly pulled off, wonderful people to deal with – How on earth it only attracts 200 odd people I don’t know, but next year I’m going for Volume. It’s going to be mega loud – and much much busier. Literally 100’s of teenagers running around with bottle of Lambrini and camping – Next year it’s going to feel like a festival and it’s FREE.

OK the list of thanks yous…

Firstly, Devizes Festival and specifically Gail for her stress free dealings and support, Devizes Town Council and specifically Ian, Paul and Gordon for letting us run riot through the venue, and keeping us all in check. Ian James from Light and Sound for the hire of gear and sorting of issues, my judges… Ellis, Thom, Ash and Barney for casting a judgmental eye. Carole and Jerry @ Warehouse Studio’s for the free loan of a drum kit AND for their 2nd prize of 3 free hours in their rehearsal space. Will Fisher for being Ben’s bitch and sorting out all his gear, really couldn’t of done that without you Will! And to Calvin Arnold, who finally stopped talking and actually did something, well done lad – you can help me in the future!

To all the bands, SLAGERIJ for being so professional and easy to deal with, Nudy Bronque for not letting both our technical glitch’s get to them. Black “we have our own engineer” Sanctuary for killing their first proper gig back since new line up. and to Ninook for being right proper good guys, opening up and just getting on with it. Pretty much all bands set examples of how to behave in the industry.

All our fresh new local talent for providing the party, the audience and the atmosphere – Well done to Orcryst for playing with out a singer and despite the nerves put in a top set, Senor Scorpion for again delivering a tight unique set and being easy to deal with, The Policy who seemed very laid back and just delivered what was needed! (we will sort that unplugged session out guys…) Eroding Republic, who required the least amount of attention – done this before lads? And finally Sasquatch Walk who also killed it, and again bought a great crowd!

If there is anyone else I’ve missed, I’m sorry – A lot went on and I’m very tired, but I appreciated every effort made by every person! Thanks 1000%

Moving on to Saturday, more thanks to Ian James, who provided PA gear for the Great Cheverell show. To Mr & Mrs Andrews for being absolutely wonderful hosts, very generous and a pleasure to work for! And for picking up and returning Ian’s PA. To Bitter & Twisted for the use of a power amp. To all those acts, Jamie Coupe, Bob McCartney, The Jarrs, Year Of The Thief and The Cheverelittes all of whom very great to deal with, under tight time constraints. And all the kiddies who handed out Rowdy Fest flyers.

To my wonderful wife, Zoe Newing, for being patient and forgiving – I’ve a week off from work now, where I’ll do all the stuff I’ve been putting off for the last fortnight. Love You!

I now have 20 days off to push Rowdy Fest – make sure you check out the site as if you enjoyed either of those two events above, Rowdy is going to top them both!

My next show is Rowdy, but I also have Dave McPherson coming up in September, which has an amazing day planned full of press and promotion activities, that will be a lot of fun too – check out the gig and updates… HERE.

100% huge thanks yous to everyone involved. It feels like a proper scene again!




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