New local arts + music fanzine

First up… Some disappointing news. New local metal band, BURNTHRU have lost a guitarist. Sid has left the band with immediate effect – leaving the band with only one guitarist. Mitch Underwood is learning the parts so he can attempt to play 2 guitar parts at once (if anyone can, he can!) ready for their show Saturday at the White Swan in Trowbridge. Anyone interested in filling the vacant space should contact Mitch Underwood, via his facepage.

NEXT – The Big News…. *drum roll*…. 

Devizes has a brand spanking new Fanzine! *tah dah* 


CRAMMER as it will be known, will cover the arts and live music within Devizes. Everyone and anyone is welcome to be involved, and if you wish to submit reviews of gigs or CD’s. If you’re in a band and want to be featured for what ever reason OR if you’re involved with a production say at the Wharf Theatre, or planning your own production etc – you need to be in contact with Chris Palmer, the editor in chief. You can contact him via his crammerman1 at 

The first issue, due out imminently, which was plugged on Matthew Corbett’s fantasy session last Thursday, features a Dave Inshaw Interview, Dave McPherson plug, Blues scene with Ian hopkins, Spring Offensive interview, Supermarkets vs Independent shops, local poets, a regular gossip column, written by yours truly & more.

In the pipeline will be a feature on Matthew Corbett’s sessions for Fantasy Radio, more Fantasy Radio, Sheer Music’s history (we’re 9 this year!), Seend Folk Club, a preview of the Senor Scorpion EP and again so much more (sorry I’ve left out all the artsy stuff… it’s just not my forte)

The fanzine will cost 50p and be available from Devizes books, and perhaps some venues / Wharf. Chris will also be hawking it round local gigs – so pick up and copy, and more importantly – GET INVOLVED!


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