Swindon Shuffle this Sunday! (12th)

The Swindon Shuffle is Swindon’s answer to Oxfords Punt, Bristols Dot 2 Dot, Camdens Crawl and Brighton’s Great Escape – It also happens to be the UK’s largest unsigned music festival.

Spread over 4 or 5 venues this year, you get to see a whole lot of Wiltshire and further afield talent, and all for free.

Sheer Music is involved this year for the very first time, with possibly the most eclectic line up to date, featuring some punk, some hip hop, some techy indie and some, well, noise.

Since it’s holidays for all you lucky college blighters, I have put on the most entertaining spectacle together I could manage. Whether is be the Goldie Lookin’ Chain supporting and our heroes CHIP DADDY, the riotous, foul mouth of 2 SICK MONKEYS or the mind warping MR HELLO & HIS HONESTY CLUB, there will not be a dull moment.

Entry is FREE at The 12 Bar, in Swindon – and we’re going to kick off around 8pm. I’m offering lifts from Devizes, if anyone wishes to tag along?

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