Another crazy weekend…

Finally back at work and resting my weary muscles and bones. Saturday produced a rare night without the nippers and with the wife, as I had my first curry in what felt like a year! Cue good times to celebrate Luke’s 29th birthday and the sad departure of Audrey Aroha. The fact we ended up in the seediest club on town had no baring on a fantastic night.

So Sunday came wayyy too quickly, but the whole day ran perfectly to time. First erecting a marquee in Hillworth Park for my first ever outdoor show in Devizes, and then the smooth collection of the PA from a hard house club night the night before (that ended in disarray so we were infact lucky to get the gear at all.)

Hillworth Park provided the perfect setting for folk turned rock n’ roll band ON DEAF EARS, as Barney’s boys ripped through some classic Doors and Springsteen whilst upping the ante on their own rollickin’ Night I Met The Devil.

The sun shone and the beer flowed in what was a rare relaxation of the local by-laws, and once they got into their stride, Bath’s THE DOUBTFUL GUEST produced an excellent run through material from their last two records (of which the second is still not out!!!) and a bunch of brilliant re-workings of other peoples songs, where I even managed to confused Springsteen with Billy Joel… Whoops. Didn’t do my musical credibility any good.

That finished at 3.30pm, giving me enough time to check out the bank holiday goings on, on the green and see the fantastic Zen Hussies and their brass section blow away the opposition.

Load in at The Southgate was guessed at around 7pm, but we forgive the organiser who was in a manic stress trying to find a Fender Stratocaster with about 40 minutes prior to performance.

I loaded in and line checked The Long Notes, who again were a suitably easy enough bunch to work with. Such poise and patience. Their sets were utterly perfect, the second having the edge over their first due to audience participation and loads of dancing. By this point my back was hurting from standing all day, and lifting gear, hence the muscles and bones aching.

So, another fun packed weekend in Devizes, some fantastic musicians on show, some brilliant performances and LOADS of new people interested in what’s going on (according to my Facepage and twitter…)

Do check back here tomorrow for a update on what’s going on in September! (it’s very exciting!)

(The Long Notes in 2008 – not Devizes, but close enough)


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