New metal night(s) in Devizes.

Abe Juggins, the extremely motivated drummer in local thrash band Deliverence, has announced a new, regular metal night in Devizes.

Abe, who has run shows in Calne at the football club and his own festival called Metalathon for the past two years, has been given the first Saturday in every month at The Bell By The Green.

This marks a turn up for the books, as new landlord Eddie Schofield wants to correct the image that his stewardship wouldn’t encourage music. Eddie has provided music at his previous pubs and clubs, and will continue to do so in some shape or form at The Bell.

Abe’s first event is scheduled for Friday 5th October, but will revert to the Saturdays from November, and will feature DELIVERENCE, new local band, ORCRYST, some what local legend Gary Martin, and his new noise duo, THE OBSERVATION DECK + more TBC.

The opening show will be free entry, 16+ and run between 7-11pm. If you’re into metal, then this is going to be the night for you.

Check out Abe’s Official Facebook event page HERE.

© Paul Howell Photography.


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