Decade still need our help…

When I compare our scene to other similar sized scenes, and try and compare achievements, Decade are definitely considered a Devizes band. 2/5’s is enough for me. Those members played Devizes in loads of various guises before cracking it with Decade, and their rent-able rehearsal rooms are in town, so that pretty much makes them ours, even if they are officially from Bath.

Thus then, like all local bands, we need to support them. The fact they’ve toured with D.R.U.G.S., A Loss For Words, Hit The Lights, Story So Far, Transit, Forever The Sickest Kids, Set Your Goals, Hit The Deck Festival, Sonisphere Festival, Slam Dunk Festival(s) etc etc etc – Means nothing if they can’t get their début album out and into our grubby mitts.

This is their chance to establish themselves properly, leaving a legacy within the UK scene – so be a part of it, and pre-order the bloody record!

You can even purchase your name in the credits, thus ensuring your own immortality. Nice.

>>>>>>>>>>BUY HERE<<<<<<<<<<<


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