Interview: Matt Volpi (Not My Finest Hour)

Sheer Music took the time to catch up with Matt Volpi, long term scenester, here’s what we had to say…
Hey Matt, so I hear you’re in a new band, care to elaborate further? How did that come about?
You heard correctly! I’m going to be playing bass for a new Pop Punk band called Not My Finest Hour, which I’m really excited about, partly because it re-unites me with Edd Scott, who used to sing in Story Cut Short and is a genuinely gorgeous human being. It came about in a fairly informal fashion – their old bassist departed as he couldn’t commit to the band and Edd approached me with a strange request to try out on the bass. I wasn’t too sure about switching instruments but after going to practice and hearing the material these boys had, I really wanted to be a part of it. 
How have you found the switch from guitar to bass? You’ve done your own Jed Elliott! 
I managed to nail a few songs in practice already, when I stopped jumping around trying to look cool, but I’m still getting to grips with it, but as a guitarist it’s two less strings and I only have to hit one note at a time, so it’s been a fairly smooth transition. However the one difficult thing has been mastering the rhythm’s, as I’m used to riffing, soloing and genuinely throwing my guitar around, I need a bit more discipline now! Luckily the bass lines they have are quite complex, so it’s still plenty to get my teeth into.
What does this mean for the future of The Souperstars? 
Not a lot, it just gives us more time to think of hilarious jokes between practices. Due to the overwhelming rush of reaching 30 Youtube subscribers, we should be putting a few more videos up soon and smashing all the boundaries of music. We’re hitting the stage for the first time in a couple of months on September 14th at the wonderful Riffs Bar ( ) and then after that, who knows? 
When’s your first appearance for “Not My Finest Hour”? And will you be heading to Devizes soon? (provided I can confirm it soon, Thursday 25th October I have you down for a show in Devizes…) 
We’re currently locked down in the studio writing, recording and practicing intimate, explicit and highly choreographed dance routines, but we do have plans to hit Devizes around October-time, although details are yet to be confirmed. We obviously want everything to be tight and perfect before we play any gigs.
Where are the band “officially” from? And how is that going to work out for you?
The other three lads are in Cardiff, so there’s going to be a fair amount of travelling between here and there for all of us to make it work. Some may say that’s a disadvantage, but I think it will work for us, giving us the opportunity to play gigs in two very different scenes. Plus it means I get to travel on trains and meet drunks, which is always an interesting experience.
We’ve seen a lot of recent success in Devizes of our acts, do you think NMFH, being 1/2 ex-Devizes, are going to emulate the likes of Bite The Buffalo, Salute The Magpie, Thought Forms, Decade etc and break out into the wider scene?
Obviously knowing a few of the guys in Decade and being a big fan of their music, I think we’re all aspiring to follow them up, they’re a fantastic success story and it really shows that if you have good songs and promote them well, you can do well for yourself, no matter where you are from. My last band Story Cut Short did a fairly good job of integrating ourselves into a wider scene with gigs in Bristol and Southampton, and I think NMFH have better songs than they did, so as long as we stick to it and put a lot of work into promoting ourselves and performing live, I don’t see why we can’t make a good go at getting out there. I know all of us in the band are really committed to making this band more than just a hobby, so we’re all going to be pulling in the right direction.
If you know, what are the plans for NMFH? EP? Album? Tour? 
The E.P is written and recorded, unfortunately without me on it, so I’m going to convince them to scrap it. Kidding. That should be released in the next few weeks, and then we’re going to start playing live. We all have contacts in the scene so getting some gigs around the area should be do-able, we just have to make the right impression. We’re all dreaming of a tour I think, but that could be for after the next E.P, depending on the reaction to this one. But don’t ask me, I’m just the bassist.
(Matt Volpi is the douche on the right 😉

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