NEW gallery pictures!

My good friend and past Devizes scene stalwart, Ben Hooper recently sent me a disc-full of the old pictures he took of the Sheer Music shows back in 2004, 2005 & 2006.

I have just uploaded some fantastic shots of Frank Turner’s first ever show in Devizes, Ben Marwood’s first ever show in Devizes, which indecently were not the same show. Ben beat Frank by a matter of months. LostAlone’s one and only appearance in Swindon – Some classic Distophia, Kill Kenada and Thought Forms at The Bell and Fickle Public at the Cavalier!! and there’s more to come!

Check out our gallery page over >>>>> on the right, or click HERE.

There will also be a feature coming up on Ben Hooper and why he is so fantastic and what he has achieved since being involved with the local scene, and why YOU can benefit.

A very young Guy Metcalfe – circa 2006 (he was 13/14…)


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