She Makes War impress at The Lamb

She Makes War played to a well turned out Lamb Friday night, which was fantastically well received by the crowd. The support was overwhelming, as people travelled from Yeovil, Frome and Bristol from the show.

Dedicated local music followers were rewarded as Laura pulled off a totally unique live performance. Layered vocals and guitars via loop pedals are not a new thing, Jon Amor for instance has used them for a long time, but it’s the intense nature of the music and Laura’s style that makes her layering interesting.  For example, her song “Delete” is pur vocal layered up – No Instrumentation – the highs, the lows the clicks, beeps everything is done in front of you, built and constructed, even the little laughs and giggles that creep in are enhanced and become part of the experience – which you will only experienced once, no two performances will ever be the same.

Her audience participation requests were equally well performed as the audience joined in the song “In This Boat” with the refrain, You are an anchor, I am a wave” being sang under she had stopped playing, and it was just the audience left – which was dramatic stuff.

You really felt like you were part of something – again really touching the underground music scene, being part of a wider community, Right Here In Devizes.

Said Yeovil traveller Dave Taylor (follow him on twitter) took the following video on his iPhone – Thanks Dave –  this is exactly the sort of video documentation I want for The Lamb – so that we can start proving to the world how great the gigs are – so feel free to step forward – it is dead easy – and I’ll give you free entry to the shows where I charge!

The event was headlined by the equally excellent On Deaf Ears – Over the course of their summer uni break back in Devizes the band have managed to rack up a lot of shows, some blinding performances for Sheer as well as their own else where & even sneaked in a Fantasy Radio Session.

Over that period, I have come to realise how much of a song writing talent Barney Goodall & co are – their original songs like “Night I Met The Devil” and “Our Love Keeps Getting Stronger” are as good as you will hear. Their performance is nothing short of committed with a wild keyboard player, who despite performing a stripped back set threw himself around with abandon.

Barney’s awkward confidence on stage drew comparisons with Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker – I believe if they started touring and gigging the typical 30 minute sets of their own material, they would be an impressive addition to the circuit.


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