The Ocelot come to Devizes to review a show…

Ed Dyer aka Gig Monkey – the thoroughly entertaining and informative column in hilarious monthly Arts & Music magazine, The Ocelot, will be present at this Sunday’s “Mega Front Man Tour” when it hits The Lamb on Sunday 16th September.

It’s the first time I’ve had pre-warning The Ocelot will be in town… the other stretching back yeeeears when they turned up, unannounced and reviewed my Devizes Festival Battle Of The Bands, as it was back then… It was a good review 😉

What’s fantastic is, that this show really taps into the underground, and has the opportunity to make Devizes look good locally and nationally – so if you’re going to choose one event this Autumn, make it this one!

Support act on the night, Someone Died is Alan Welsh from Colour / Tangled Hair. Just a few days after this tour Alan fly’s to Japan to tour Tangled Hair. Fantastic to be dealing with such acts.

Head liner is Big Scary Monsters act, SHOES & SOCKS OFF, embarking on his final UK tour under this guise, so we must have notched up some scene points some where… come out and be cool!


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