Matt Corbett takes a break from Fantasy…

Matthew Corbett will be taking a break from his popular session on a Thursday night, as he begins rehearsals for his performance at The Wharf Theatre in October and November. Playing the part of Tom Wingfield (at a guess, since there’s only 2 male part’s I have a 50% chance of guessing correctly)

The Matthew Corbett session will how ever still continue, with Ade Truelove taking over the presenting duties. The 90’s, 00’s and cutting edge indie and underground music will remain and I, Kieran J Moore will still be presenting a weekly unplugged session from our local scene each and every week.

Matt has a part in the Wharf Theatre’s production of Tennessee Williams play, The Glass Menagerie, and you can find more details of that >here< on the Wharf’s official website.

Ade Truelove already presents a session on Fantasy Radio, the lunch to early afternoon session on a Sunday, and already has a good history of playing the sort of music Matt would play. He also happens to be a sound engineer for local band, The Porn Issue, who have a Fantasy Radio session in the pipeline.


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