My angry response to comment on my blog…

I forgot I wrote this – I was once told to write my anger down, so once it was written, I didn’t need to feel to act on it – thus, this responce to a comment left on my blog… I just re-read it, and found it highly amusing, so felt you may find it funny too – Enjoy! (bare in mind, it’s over a year old)

<JAMES> What’s with the expletives? I’m bored with seeing these Anglo Saxon words being used like confetti all over the web?

<ME> Hi James – Is that a question? As you’ve used a question mark, and well, it isn’t a question. I don’t know if you’re bored, maybe you should tell us! 

Keep it for when you really need it and not when you’re trying to appear cool.

I’ve not been cool for ages, I leave that up to the teenagers.

I was taking you seriously up until that point. 😦

So you don’t now? Your loss, I really don’t care what you think. I don’t believe you have any influence in what I do.

Are you actually suggesting that over the course of 2 swear words, you are going to write me off? Sorry while I stifle a laugh.

The web’s a public place – can’t imagine you’d stand up at a school assembly or in The Brittox and use the same language?

At 29, I can’t imagine myself standing up in assembly either! Though I do remember Ash Clark standing up in front of the whole school, parents and all, during a talent competition I was running the PA for. He sang “Rape Me” by Nirvana. I thought, Christ – That kids got balls.

Anyway, moan over – now to the praise:

Wow, didn’t realise I needed your praise – You know – I’ll continue doing all of my local pursuits, with or without your (or anyone else’s) praise.  

Thank you for all the hard work you put in to promote new music locally – Sheer deserves a medal for its belief in top local talent – long may it continue.

I’ve been promoting and supporting local youths for 8 years. My reward is seeing Frank Turner headline Wembley next month – after he played Devizes 3 times over the course of 2 years. A lot of these people have become my genuine best friends, and gone on to be top DJ’s, engineers, broadcasters etc, from the humble experiences of what we “Sheer Music” have offered – that’s all the thanks we need.

And I’m really pleased that Fantasy 97FM is providing you with a platform to showcase the best… now that is cool.

Actually Fantasy really needed a local aspect – proof it is a “community” station, and thus approached us – it’s a fantastic group of people, doing something amazing in Devizes – a real feather in our cap. Over the next few years Fantasy will become a much more important part of what Devizes is. I am helping them as much as they are helping me – So don’t be mistaken that “Fantasy is providing me with a platform” – it’s as much me providing them with a genuine, strong local connection to our music scene – consider it a equally beneficial relationship – and we happen to be getting on, like long lost friends, reading from the same page! 

Having said that, I will admit to the wonderful effort that Phil Dawson has gone to make us feel welcome and the lengths he goes to on behalf of Fantasy – if anyone deserves a medal, that guy does – has he been mayor? We seem to hand that out for less…

In my humble opinion, you listen to music, film, TV and read books every day, where swearing occurs. It doesn’t offend you, you accept it for what it is. Personally swear words don’t offend me. It’s Just A Word. Get over yourself. Who are you to try and put me in my place like some sort of child? 

Get Fucked James, you insufferable c*nt. (see, I blanked that out, just for you) – There’s a wonderful festival you maybe interested in –

If you wanted to give some whipper snapper some advice, or tips – maybe consider your approach in future – maybe leave it up to them to make their own mistakes – Maybe, just maybe you caught the only swear word I’ve used in my blog, and certainly on air – and Maybe, just maybe, you jumped the gun.

Maybe, I am actually quite well versed in etiquette, and maybe I used the swear word to really put across how excited I am about the show on Friday – any long term reader of my blog will know of it’s high language standards, if not correct grammatical usage, and would understand the use of an exciting swear word – maybe you got a slow day in the office…


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