This town is magic!

It’s nights like last night, that make all the hard work worth while – first through the door, Hugh and Hannah from Bath, who had bussed in it on the £5.20 bus (that’s what they called it). Turns out both huge Shoes & Socks Off fans presenting the former Meet Me In St Loui man, the LP album Variations Of Swing to sign.

It’s actually small things like this that make a huge difference to a touring act… Not only had the couple come from Bath, they were planning to get a £30 taxi back to Corsham, coupled with the £5 entry each – they would of spent a whopping £50.40p before drinks + merch on tonight. Thankfully a BIG handsome shout goes out to Ed Dyer of The Ocelot, and Chippenham resident who gave them a lift back. Another reason to be so proud of the togetherness of our scene. Fuck You London. We don’t need you, you need us.

Next amazing moment of the night, was headliner Tobias Hayes, is chatting very happily and in depth with local hat seller Joan Pressely, which happens to be his grandmothers best friend. Small world eh?

SO anyway, the show – First up ex-Colour + current Tangled hair front man, Alan Welsh performing as SOMEONE DIED opening proceedings – “grungey guitar” was how it was described to me by the reviewer, his interesting, fun lyrics were an experience for what must be a very early show in this projects career. Turns out he knew some of Sheer’s favourite friends, SAFETYWORD, turns out too, he has pinched their card folding technique for his bespoke tour CD – which I picked up. This will be considered rare in 2 or 3 years time…

I spent A LOT of time listening to his past two bands, so just closing my eyes and listening to the voice sent shivers down my spine. Super cool.

RUSSIAN BLUE up next for not only their home town debut, but also their debut “unplugged” performance – which transcribed to acoustic guitar beautifully, playing all 4 tracks from the EP and a brand new too. I was giving their 4 track CD away to the first 10 people through the door, we ended up giving them away to all the guests who paid, they went down superbly well, and fingers crossed made some new friends tonight.

Lastly the headliner SHOES AND SOCKS OFF, switching between electric and acoustic guitars, performing his melodic, genre defying melancholic acoustica. He quipped wonderfully with the ridiculously respectful crowd, who were silent through out, hanging on every word. Intentionally leaving out Tork Sport, despite our radio play in the past 3 or 4 weeks was a low point for me in an otherwise perfect night.

To think not only is this act finished, but that Devizes were able to open such an event, was staggering. Thank you Tobias, Alan and Russian Blue, thank YOU Devizes.


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