Crappy-Oke this Friday…

Don’t you just hate Mutten dressed as Lamb? Don’t you just hate Karaoke nights that pretend to be amazing, as you, the designated driver, sit there and have to listen to your best girlfriend wail and warble to “My Heart Will Go On” not only feigning interest but realising that actually, washing you hair would of been a much better idea? THEN HELP IS AT HAND!

This Friday The Lamb plays host to “Andy & Eddy Productions” (they have no internet presence what so ever…) THE L FACTOR, already dubbed “Crappy Oke” by the regulars, promises to be a lot of fun – guaranteeing your mates will make arse’s out of themselves. You know before you walk in, you will be getting your regular X Factor level of talent, and no one is pretending otherwise. 

Guest judges include, Simon Cowpat, Nicole Schitswinger, Penis Morgan, Toolisa & Gary Barman – “Arrive Early To Avoid Disappointment” the post requests of you – make sure you obey!


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