Live recordings…

Check out my first attempts at live recordings at some of my shows in Devizes, which are up on soundcloud.

I managed to document the final Shoes and Socks Off tour, managing 1 good quality recording from the set. We also have some brand new music from Jamie Coupe – the 2 new songs he performed when supporting Dave McPherson, and *obviously* some Dave McPherson performance… Neat eh?

These were the first batch of recording and post-noodling that I’ve ever done, so don’t judge too harsh ūüėČ

I will be recording future shows too – so fingers crossed we’ll get some killer moments documented and it’s another thing we can add to our local scene.

I’m still looking for someone¬†dedicated¬†and handy with a camcorder to film a song per show to whack on our Youtube channel – Try as I might, I can’t do everything, and that is the hardest for me to manage to any reasonable standard. So if you want to get involved with the scene, enjoy recording and editing simple,¬†really simple¬†videos and would like to start building some experience, then get in touch. I write a mean reference ūüėČ


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