Live recordings…

Check out my first attempts at live recordings at some of my shows in Devizes, which are up on soundcloud.

I managed to document the final Shoes and Socks Off tour, managing 1 good quality recording from the set. We also have some brand new music from Jamie Coupe – the 2 new songs he performed when supporting Dave McPherson, and *obviously* some Dave McPherson performance… Neat eh?

These were the first batch of recording and post-noodling that I’ve ever done, so don’t judge too harsh 😉

I will be recording future shows too – so fingers crossed we’ll get some killer moments documented and it’s another thing we can add to our local scene.

I’m still looking for someone dedicated and handy with a camcorder to film a song per show to whack on our Youtube channel – Try as I might, I can’t do everything, and that is the hardest for me to manage to any reasonable standard. So if you want to get involved with the scene, enjoy recording and editing simple, really simple videos and would like to start building some experience, then get in touch. I write a mean reference 😉


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