Metal night smashes it

Last night bared witness to the first show back at The Bell, since the change of ownership – now there could be a correlation or perhaps a coincidence but last night was an extreme success.

Over 100 people made the trip out, despite the rain to see Abe Juggins first show in The Bell this year and the first time Deliverence have played in Devizes in over a year, thus proving the fact I’ve believed for a long while now, that Abe is the best metal promoter in the area. Like me, Abe clearly has a passion for live music – unlike me he knows the ins and outs of the metal scene – having been promoting how own shows for the best part of 4 or 5 years, he know what works and what doesn’t and has built up a level of respect among his peers.

This is fantastic news, as I always felt my heavy shows were lacking in some way, I ultimately didn’t have the understanding or the heart – but between Abe and I, we easily have the best music scene between Swindon and Bristol – both our words!

Abe’s next show, though not 100% officially out there yet (is it Abe?) is scheduled to be Saturday 10th November in the same venue – the line up set to include Warminster’s From Ruin, a début show for HOMELAND. and our favourite ball of angry energy, Joe Ollerhead’s Black Sanctuary. <head over to our gigs tab for more info>

As usual in this day and age, keep up to date on line via our respective Facebook pages SHEER MUSICDELIVERENCE and on twitter @sheer_music.

Ohh, green strings… ORCRYST shredding last night.


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