6th form CD sampler + banner

Fingers crossed I’ll catch up with Harrison tomorrow, and place in his grubby mitts, 10 sampler CDs of all the upcoming shows we have at The Lamb in Devizes.

It’s 14 tracks of some seriously good, some seriously funny music – Most of the tracks are already available to download, free, from the internet, but I appreciate that not only takes time and interest to do so, and it would be difficult to search it all out, so I’ve done it for you, and whacked it all down in appearance  order.

Some of this isn’t music made from local folk, though some of it is, most of it will no be familiar to you, but that is not a reason to ignore it – I’d had Frank Turner, Justin from The Vaccines and many more come to town and I’ve bust a gut to get people to come – it’s only until after these people are famous that not only do 1000’s of people claim to of been at the gig, but beg for me to get them back – like it’s that easy.

Simply put, you never know who is going to make it famous next, so make sure you have the scene points to say “I was genuinely there”

Here’s a video of Kunt & The Gang performing at Download Festival This Year. (he get’s a ridiculous reception!)

(Please note explicit content) 


On a side note, we also have a new revolving banner – if you want your event, or place advertised, drop me an image 700×200 pixels, and I’ll drop it in!


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