Wee updates about anything and everything!

Last night played host to international globe trotting, SXSW hitting, gravelly voiced, handsome, teenage girl heart stealing talent that is ANTONIO LULIC – it was another great show at The Lamb, which now has it’s back bar well and truly open and established. Pictures to follow – but first impressions have been good.

Recent additions to the venue include some fancy lights – meaning the acts are now front lit – you can see their faces and everything! So I gather photographers are happy! Though Vicky Scipio has yet to shoot since the addition…

I went to see Ade Truelove, who is still standing in for Matthew Corbett on Fantasy Radio, Thursday night – his penultimate show – we spoke about recording live sound, which you can check out my attempts… HERE.

We announced that, bubbling underground hardcore heroes HILDAMAY will be leaving an imprint in Devizes come December, when their tour comes through town…

AND I’ve uploaded some songs from Friday night, this being Chris Worthy’s cover of Flight Of The Conchords… always a good laugh! Though unfortunately I totally messed up Antonio’s recording… My newbie mistake… Won’t happen again!




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