Local musicians Christmas song plea!

Matthew Corbett, the ambitious tyke on Fantasy Radio’s bespoke, alternative Thursday night session, is planning some audacious shows later in the year. 

First up, we’re tentatively thinking of doing a whole show dedicated to notable, famous covers from national acts we’ve all loved in the past, but may have forgotten – But also we want to have a strong connection with local musicians, by bands and soloists providing their own covers or re-workings of their favourite songs to play on the show. 

Secondly, Matthew has mooted a special Christmas song session, featuring rarely heard Christmas covers from all our favourite bands over the years – and once again, we want local bands and musicians to submit their versions of noel tide songs. 

There really are no rules to this – make the songs as individual to you as possible – recreate the classics in your own style, have some fun and really inspire us – please don’t use naughty words and please don’t deliver us a grind-core versions of Slade, but otherwise – HAVE SOME FUN!

Santa, rocking out. Is that a Rickenbacker? Good taste old man.


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