Luke De-Sciscio quits Dollrats and goes it alone

Once upon a time, Luke De-Sciscio was a gypsy folk troubadour, whom I met on Marilliam’s Wiltshire Introducing session – I instantly fell in love with his Buckley’isms, and his relaxed pace. His duets with Audrey Aroha were seamless and breathtaking 

He then joined Bath based indie rock band, The Dollrats – a band who came out of no where for me, after falling in love with members previous band Camera Culture, at any rate I always felt like The Dollrats, however good they were, stole 2 of my favourite local acts. 

Well as of last week, Luke has once again decided to tread his own path, and left both his management and his band. This isn’t necessarily good news, as it’s always sad to lose a good quality, tight band – and the Dollrats were good. But it’s nice to have a talent such as Luke once again on the scene. 

To read the official cause for his leaving, and keep up to date with Luke, check out his FACEPAGE


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